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AVOS offers on its internet portal,, mesh welding machines and installations as well as machines for the wire processing industry in "AS-IS" condition. Upon request, these machines can also be overhauled.
Customer-specific and completely overhauled machines and installations can be found at


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Wire Mesh Welding Machines

Single mesh welding machines and complete lines of different types and for various applications.

Individual machine components / Accessories

Single components for mesh welding lines like mesh turner / stacker, mesh roll-up unit and mesh shear. Such components can be purchased individually or being integrated into an existing line.

Wire drawing lines

Cold rolling lines/drawing lines suited for the production of ribbed and smooth reinforcement wire.

Wire straightening and cutting machines

Wire straightening and cutting machines by the manufacturers VITARI or WAFIOS for various wire diameters and wire lengths. (Run-out table, flying or fixed shear, smooth or ribbed wire)

bending machines

Mesh bending machines by well-known manufacturers like for example HAMBI, for different mesh sizes and wire diameters.

Spot Welding Machines

Among other machinery we have in our stock also spot- respectively projection-, press- or seam welding machines in alternate or continuous current technology for general welding purposes.

Butt Welding Machines

In their range of products, AVOS is offering mobile or fix butt welding machines for the welding of steel wire respectively of steel- or aluminium profiles in line or in mitre.

spare parts

For the wire processing industry and the related machines, it always needs spare parts and additional components like for example spools.

Cold rolling cassette

Walzkassetten für gängige und nahmhafte Kaltwalzanlagen. Diese sind in drei verschieden Grössen erhältlich.